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July 28, 2021

Whilst we aren’t taking in any animals at the moment until our finances are back on the straight and narrow, we are able to keep up our commitment to the Carneddau Mountain Ponies thanks to regular donations from the Carneddau area, specifically for these ponies. Rhian (named after Rhian McFadden who has been keeping a close eye on these 2 for us) and Tudur have been being kept a close eye on by the guardians and volunteer vet for several weeks, as Rhian was quite poor after foaling, but she soon picked up and is just now a little bit hippy, but then Tudur was looking quite poorly and was scouring, but again the scouring stopped and the vet was happy with him, he was doing great until Thursday when Joel and Jasmine (our volunteers) found him on a visit, very weak and much smaller than he should be at 3 months of age, so between the whole team of guardians, Ellie the vet, Jackie and I, the decision was made that he obviously has something going on compromising his immune system and that they should both come off so we can investigate what’s going on with him and treat him accordingly, we suspect that he may be another, like China, who didn’t get enough colostrum when born, but we will know more when our fabulous vets visit tomorrow. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers and as always please make a donation towards their vet bills if you are able to.

Huge thank you to the team who brought them off the mountains.

Baby Amy

26th May 2021

Our new arrival, delivered by Amy (Chair) at 3.44am on 23rd May. Amy was completely overruled by husband Shaun and the volunteers when it came to naming the new arrival. Amy who would much rather remain low key and get on with looking after the animals or in fact helping anyone in need, helped mum deliver baby. The team felt it only fitting it should be named after Amy.

Baby Amy